Loyalty Programme

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HAO friends loyalty programme
is totally free to sign up for!
Visit haomart.com.sg/friends or click on the icon to sign up now.

Collect HAO points

Sign in at haomart.com.sg/friends and tap on your mobile card. A one-time barcode will appear. Scan it at any outlet islandwide to collect points!

Earn up to 8x HAO points

Based on your purchase amount, collect up to 8 HAO points per dollar in a single receipt! Promotional items count toward your multiplier tier, but do not earn points.

Redeem HAO points

HAO points can be redeemed for rebates or exclusive merchandise! Check your online account to know how much rebate you can offset from your purchase.

Terms and conditions

Points Redemption
• Earn up to 8x points in a single receipt
• Points can be redeemed in any denomination
• 1 HAO point can be redeemed for 1 cent off
•1000 HAO points can be redeemed for $10 off

*Points can only be accumulated if  your member card is scan before purchase, and you are already an existing member at the time of the purchase.

Points Validity
• HAO points earned from 1 Apr to 30 Sep, will expire on 31 Mar the following year
• HAO points earned from 1 Oct to 31 Mar, will expire on 30 Sep

Not eligible for HAO points accumulation
• Tobacco, newspapers, NPN (new POS network) purchases.

Promotional Items
• Cost of promotional items count toward your minimum purchase amount tier, but will not be converted into HAO points.
• For example, if your single receipt contains $400 worth of non-promotional items and $200 promotional items, you qualify for 8x HAO points, but only $400 will be converted into HAO points.

Physical Card Membership is available from 20 Feb 2020 onwards.

One-time membership: $10
(waived for Senior Citizens; aged 60 and over with valid identification)

Replacement fee (lost/misplaced cards): $10

Fill in application form at an outlet near you to sign up!
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