HAO Corp
Returns Policy

Should you have any questions regarding exchange or returns, please send us a message at our respective Facebook pages, or at our contact page.

If you would like to request for an exchange or refund, please make sure you fulfill the following requirements:

  • Request within 7 days of purchase
  • Product is in its original packaging, and not tampered with or open in any form
  • Valid receipt (physical) is available
  • Product is not under non-qualifying products section (see below)

To request and exchange or refund a product under our Returns Policy, bring the product along with a valid receipt to the same HAO Corp outlet it was purchased from. Customers are required to sign a form acknowledging each successful exchange and/or refund.

Terms and conditions

  • When available, an exchange will always be offered at the primary option.
    • If the new item(s) is lower in value than the original, the difference will not be refunded. If the new item(s) is higher in value than the original, the customer will have to pay for the difference.
  • The secondary option of a refund will be administered only through cash.
    • When a refund is offered, the amount will be capped at SGD200.
  • Any cost incurred in bringing the item back to the store will be borne by the customer.
  • HAO mart reserves the right to refuse an exchange or refund if the proper documentation is not provided at the time of request.

HAO points earned

After the refund process, any HAO points earned will be reversed from your member account.

Faulty, damaged, defective, expired products

If the product you have purchased from HAO Corp is faulty, damaged, defective, or expired, HAO Corp reserves the right to have the product assessed for acceptable quality prior to providing an exchange or refund.

Non-qualifying products

We are not able to offer refunds or exchanges for the following items due to health and safety regulations:

  • Newspapers, tobacco, NPN items
  • Fresh produce items / perishables
  • Refrigerated food items such as dairy, meats, frozen goods
  • All promotional items

HAO Corp reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Returns policy without prior notice. HAO Corp reserves the right to deny any refund or exchange request as deemed fit.